Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT

How we work with the ONC: Videntity provides subject matter expertise and system architecture support in the areas of identity management, application programming interfaces (APIs), authentication, and security. Areas of emphasis include patient access to information, provider directories, FHIR, oAuth2, Direct, and the electronic submission of medical documentation (esMD).

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

How we work with CMS: Videntity provides system architecture and software design support to improve Medicare beneficiary access to health information via the Blue Button On FHIR project. Areas of emphasis include oAuth2 and FHIR.

National Institute of Standards and Technology

How we work with NIST: Videntity provides subject matter expertise and software development services in support of NIST’s Health information standards and testing initiatives. Areas of emphasis include x509 digital certificates, Direct testing, and related documentation.