A simple recipe for converting Stata data into CSV. CSV stands for comma separated valuew. Common uses for this recipe is when you want to move information from Stata into a spreadsheet or another database. In this example, we assume in Stata input file name is called “MyStata.dta” and the resulting CSV file name is “MyStata.csv”.
Here is the process.

Install R (if its not already installed)

$ sudo apt-get install r-base-core

Now run R from the folder where your Stata (.dta) files lives.

  $ R

You should see something like this:

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Import the foreign library

> library(foreign)

Import the Stata data

> MyData <- read.dta("MyStata.dta")

Now write the information out to a CSV file using write.csv()

write.csv(MyData, file = "MyStata.csv")

Quit R

> q()

Now you have your CSV file.