As part of my HHS Fellowship, I was asked by more than one stakeholder to perform some level of validation on the Direct email address. I’ve written before on how I think Direct certificates should be discoverable in HTTP as well. I didn’t get much traction on that proposal. To this end, I’ve built the next best thing; a RESTFul API that both fetches and reads x509 Certificate information via LDAP and DNS and returns this information over HTTP. In the NPPES Write API Alpha, this mechanism is used as the “gatekeeper” for Direct address inclusion in health provider records. It prevents addresses that are not backed by a discoverable certificate from being accepted. For example, “” would not be accepted, but “” would be accepted. You can check out a live demo at If you would like to install it on your own site, start by typing the following into a terminal window.

pip install django-direct

The source code can be found here on GitHub. Note there are a number of dependencies to the underlying getdc library. Please check out the getdc documentation too.