Vermont has selected Videntity and Experian to provide remote identity proofing capabilities to the state’s citizen identity and single sign-on called My Vermont. Vermont will leverage Verify My Identity (VMI) as a base platform to deliver a flexible and reusable citizen ID proofing for all of the state’s government departments.

The need for greater ID proofing was underscored by the COVID-19 pandemic. Vermont’s initial application for remote identity proofing is to prove that citizens claiming unemployment benefits are who they say they are. The state will then expand this service to other departments and systems throughout the state.

Videntity will integrate Verify My Identity(VMI) with Okta, Vermont’s citizen Identity provider.

Using VMI, citizen transactions that require further identity proofing will be presented with Experian’s knowledge-based questions. VMI also provides Vermont with administrative identity proofing capabilities for when the automated process is unsuccessful. In this way, citizens with limited credit history can also be identity proofed.

Vermont anticipates launching the new identity proofing capabilities in Q4 2022.