Videntity Awarded Contract With United Health Care / Optum

Videntity was awarded a contract with United Health Care to re-imagine provider login and provider APIs. Videntity will use a standards-based approach to help reduce friction and better serve their customers and provider communities.


Vermont Awards Contract for Verify My Identity

Vermont has selected Videntity and Experian to provide remote identity proofing capabilities to the state’s citizen identity and single sign-on called My Vermont. Vermont will leverage Verify My Identity (VMI) as a base platform to deliver a flexible and reusable citizen ID proofing for all of the state’s government departments.

The need for greater ID proofing was underscored by the COVID-19 pandemic. Vermont’s initial application for remote identity proofing is to prove that citizens claiming unemployment benefits are who they say they are. The state will then expand this service to other departments and systems throughout the state.

Videntity will integrate Verify My Identity(VMI) with Okta, Vermont’s citizen Identity provider.

Using VMI, citizen transactions that require further identity proofing will be presented with Experian’s knowledge-based questions. VMI also provides Vermont with administrative identity proofing capabilities for when the automated process is unsuccessful. In this way, citizens with limited credit history can also be identity proofed.

Vermont anticipates launching the new identity proofing capabilities in Q4 2022.


Videntity Awarded a Contract with Equideum Health

Videntity was awarded a contract with Equideum (formerly ConsenSys Health), a ConsenSys Mesh portfolio company and a ConsenSys partner. Equideum builds Web3 person-centered healthcare and research networks leveraging Ethereum blockchain technology and adjacent Web3 and Web2 technologies. Videntity will provide identity and HL7 FHIR subject matter expertise. Videntity will assist Equideum in defining an architecture for electronic consents, user management, and distributed machine learning algorithms.


Videntity Awared a Contract to Support North Carolina Medicaid

Videntity was awarded a contract to support North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Resource. Our combined goal is to NC Medicaid deliver patient-level access to claim data. Doing so will ensure the state meets the “CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Fine Rule”. Videntity will provide subject matter expertise and tooling to work with the state to achieve their goals with various vendor solutions.


Videntity Awarded Contract with Onyx Health

Videntity was awarded a contract with Onyx Health, a NewWave Company. Videntity will support Verify My Identity (VMI) customization and tools for bulk data import/export using HL7 FHIR. End users include commercial insurance companies. Videntity is providing application, developer, and approval capabilities as part of the effort. In addition, Videntity is providing interfaces to Microsoft Azure services, Okta, and other identity providers used by clients.


Bulk FHIR and NDJSON Support now in JSON Data Tools

While FHIR officially supports XML and other formats, JSON is the lion’s share of the work. “Bulk FHIR” uses the format NDJSON as a way to store information. Videntity would like to announce updates to the JSON Data Tools package that facilitate NDJSON upload to MongoDB and FHIR servers. It can also convert FHIR Bundles to Bulk FHIR. For more information see


Videntity is Awarded a Major Contract to Support Consumer Direct Exchange for Medical Members

The Alliance for Better Health has awarded Videntity a contract to build the nation’s first consumer-directed health information exchange supporting Medicaid members in New York. Building off our work on the Blue Button 2.0 for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, we are creating a truly transformational service that intersects identity and healthcare. We are honored and and humbled to be working with the Alliance for Better Health on this impactful endeavor.

For the official announcement, please see For even more details see


What is the difference between “FHIR Bulk Data” and “flat FHIR”?

What is the difference between “FHIR Bulk Data” and “Flat FHIR”? They are different names for the same thing!

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Announcing the DJmongo Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

We’ve made it much easier to get going with Djmongo by using a pre-built Amazon Machine Image (AMI). Here is a link to kick off your very own instance in Amazon Web Services Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2).



The size of the instance you’ll need will be based on your data. We recommend an M3- XLarge for medium sized applications. Be sure to open port 80 (HTTP) when setting up security groups. After the instance is fully launched, point your browser to the instance’s public DNS. The default console username/password is kitty/purry.


Be Your Own DJ Winner Announced

Please congratulate Molly Gehring for trying out Djmongo during All Things Open 2016. Molly is a developer at the Office of Research Informatics at the Duke University School of Medicine. She won the record player and 3 vinyl albums from our booth. Way to go Molly!