Djmongo: Build an API Without Any Code

Simplify your data management with Djmongo. Djmongo provides an out-of-the box web-based user interface and a RESTFul API for MongoDB. No coding is required. You can also use Djmongo to build stored queries, and automate aggregations. Djmongo makes it easy to create reports because it can output data directly to Excel and Comma Separated Value (CSV) files. Djmongo is free open source software but we offer commercial support and managed Djmongo hosting via AWS EC2. Checkout Djmongo’s full list of features.

Private Server Pricing

Specifications Development Server Commercial Server
Djmongo Server on 64-bit Ubuntu
Encrypted Configuration
Commercial License & Technical Support


Web User Interface

Leverage the Djmongo Console to conduct common MongoDB operations using a web interface. Create and remove databases, collections, import data and more.

Create RESTful APIs with Ease

Simply load data into your Mongo database and enjoy an instant API. Use the Access Control features limit access to your data to specific users or user groups.

Variable Output

Djmongo can render database query results directly to Comma-Separated-Value (CSV) format. A CSV can be imported into Excel and many other software tools. Djmongo can also output HTML tables and JSON making it one of the most accessible database products available.

Save Searches

Create custom URLs that map to searches. Variables can even be passed into the saved search for dynamic queries.

Automate Aggregations

Need to run nightly reports? Automate aggregations using this useful feature within the web-based console.