Django Consulting

How we use Django: We design, build, and maintain custom software applications primarily for health-related organizations. We are a “Django shop” meaning that we mostly build custom applications using the Django framework. We have other ninja skills too including JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, C, Java, Perl, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite, MongoDB. Many of our open-source projects use Django and Python.

RESTful API Development

How we leverage REST: We create custom APIs for a variety of purposes and clients. Let us help you build efficient APIs to serve your specific business needs.

MongoDB Consulting

How we use MongoDB: MongoDB is our primary “NoSQL” tool. We use it to help our clients make use of large, complex, disparate data sets. Djmongo, our flagship product, is a simple web-based user interface for MongoDB. Restcat makes it simple to import data into MongoDB and to build RESTful APIs based on MongoDB databases.

Amazon (AWS) Consulting

How we use AWS: We architect, implement, and maintain AWS-based networks for organizations. We specialize in helping our clients secure personal health information (PHI) to meet HIPPA and HITECH privacy law requirements.

oAuth2 Consulting

How we use oAuth2: We provide subject matter expertise to clients implementing APIs using the oAuth2 standard.